Meaning Behind the Name: Natural Coily Reflection

To define and set yourself apart from the rest of the world is hard when there are plenty of niches full of individuals like you. Choosing which one to belong to is difficult. So why make a choice to belong to one niche when multiple ones may be the perfect fit? Natural Coily reflection took weeks to figure out. All the natural names were taken, reflection names sounded cheesy, and curly was a big thing, coily not so popular. Putting words together to make names (which I tried) was insincere. It did not come from the heart, there was no thought put into it, there was truly no meaning. The name took time getting used to considering the length and its inability to roll off the tongue.

How did Natural Coily Reflection come about?

The method in which my blog name was revealed to me came about through a lot of turn of events in my life. Yeah, it sounds cheesy, but every word in my name has a significant meaning. Everyone has a meaning behind what they do, who they are, and how they act and react. Every meaning has an experience whether intentional or not. Being one who has had a struggle fitting in, bullied, teased, picked on, and from poverty, my intelligence, personality, family, and reflection have kept me a float in finding who I am, what I want, and who I want to be. Taking this reflection to get me to my true self with happiness, I needed to dig for the beauty within. This may be one of the hardest things that I had to do. Self-evaluation is not one that everyone wants to go through. Simply because it forces us to see things about ourselves that we do not want to see. Sometimes these are the things that need to be seen to work on ourselves to be a genuinely happier individual with a better perspective on wot only your life, but life itself.

This name shows who I am as an individual and we are as a people. I am a natural coily headed individual. As I grew up in an environment and society where straight, permed, weaves, braids, and anything under the sun was in. It was a way of my life, something that I’ve seen and emulated. Over time as I got to know myself, and seen the damages to myself, the need to break away and find other ways to live my life surfaced. I began to go back to natural and wear my naturally grown hair. The beauty began to show through my hair, so I began working on the inside and chose to live naturally. I began eating organically and healthier, using Do-It-Yourself recipes for pretty much anything from toothpaste to curl refreshing sprays. I still have bad eating habits, and I am okay with that. This name has come to me under the circumstances of the reflection of my life in multiple aspects. The way I saw my own beauty and worth, mentally and physically, is what drove me to name my blog Natural Coily Reflection.

To see the change that this reflection has brought upon me, I would like to give to others. To view yourself with natural beauty, with a reflection of your life will reveal to you all things beauty in life.

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