The Mane Choice Presents Manetabolism Plus (and so do I)

Manetabolism Plus by The Mane Choice is one of the most talked about hair products on the market. A hair supplement is essentially a vitamin that is packed with nutrients specifically targeted for hair growth with added benefits for skin and nails. These vitamins have been flooding the market in many forms such as capsules, pearls, softgels, powder, and liquid.

The Mane choice, among other hair vitamins, is widely advertised and consumed among celebrities. But do they hold true to their name? Many celebrities endorse products that they do not actually use, while some do use the product, but are always wearing wigs, weaves, tracks, clip-ins, etc. Therefore, making it hard to tell if the product truly works. Testimonials from “regular” people may attract you to the product as well, making you believe it works. Are those testimonials written by paid individuals? It’s hard to tell when they make unbelievable claims such as “These made my hair grow 9 inches in the first week!” Ok, that’s a little extreme, but not too far fetched from the ones that I have read. That’s believable, 9 inches in the first week?

Or even claims like “Great product! Absolutely will be buying more, it’s unbelievable how my hair has grown! Made my hair so soft!” Great! Glad they liked it, but deep conditioning or any product can make the hair soft if properly moisturized. How does this tell me about the product? A testimonial is supposed to tell me the good, the bad, the ugly, and the surprising.

Leaving us all to wonder how do you know the truth of these products, not only hair products but any product. Testimonials from everyday individuals such as ourselves that educated each other with experiences. I personally have taken the time to try such hair products because I needed an extra boost in figuring out my hair.

What are Manetabolism Plus Hair Vitamins?

Glad you asked! Manetabolism Plus hair dietary supplements is formulated to grow hair specifically on the scalp (they clarified). Each bottle contains 60 capsules that is designed to last 30 days. Instead of the name multivitamin, The Mane Choice calls the supplements “healthy hair growth & retention vitamins.” Straight to the point, right? The supplements are more than just vitamins and they hold true to their name. Manetabolism Plus supplements include antioxidants for overall health. Antioxidants boost the immune system by essentially protecting against free radical damage from aging organisms. These aging organisms essentially weaken the immune system, causing use to become prone to illnesses, bacterial, and viral infections.

How to Take the Mane Choice Manetabolism Plus Hair Vitamins

Like the other hair skin and nails, I take 2 vitamins in the morning with food and water. Many individuals take vitamins 3 different ways: 2 at night, 2 in the morning, or 1 at separate times of the day. I prefer 2 in the morning due being active during the day. This gives my body time to fully absorb and work the vitamins throughout my system during the day. I’m not fond of palpitations while I sleep due to its ability to cause extra energy. It is best to take with food and definitely with water. I personally use smoothies or a breakfast bar because I am not a big breakfast eater. Drinking plenty of water (6-9 bottles) daily is sufficient for me. I know that’ a lot. By being active all day, you barely notice how much water you have taken in.

What was my impression of the Vitamins?

The Mane Choice smelled like Hairfinity (like yeast). In fact, the vitamins share a similar color (slightly darker) and the clear capsule, but slightly larger and filled. The vitamins leave no taste. I love that on the package for instructions it states to take a picture before starting the pills. So I did!


July 4th, 2017-top of bra strap


August 16th, 2017- below bra strap


A little T.M.I. I actually had dark yellow urine the first few days, but I had the same thing with hairfinity and natures bounty hair, skin, and nails pearls. This is natural; for the body excretes excess nutrients. This is better than the detox that I had with Hairfinity in fecal form (2 separate occasions of trying it).

Aside from the bodily functions aspect, after 1 month, I noticed a shocking amount of growth, excessive nail growth with way less breakage and snagging, and a slight difference in my skin, no more than drinking a sizeable amount of water per day. As a side effect of Mane Choice supplements, I experienced extra energy. I say shocking because out of the 4 supplements that I have tried Manetabolism showed more progress in the first month.

Manetabolism Plus definitely helped with length retention. The shedding of my hair stopped from the scalp along with tender loving care of my ends which in turn allowed for my hair to keep its length. I must admit that I did notice extra “peach fuzz” growing on my body. This mainly occurred on my shoulders, upper arms, (when in sunlight which made it visible to the eye), and my face along the chin line. The face peach fuzz disappeared once I stopped taking the supplements. Nothing too serious to fret about. Honestly I think taking that dosage everyday was too much for me.

A Few Things to Remember

These vitamins as well as supplement that is on the market are not miracle pills, liquids, powders, or miracle anything. Everything takes time and patience. Not all hair types and body makeup are similar. For instance, many textured 3 and 4 hair may grow slower with a certain product than someone who has textured 1 and 2 hair. Another example is that my body may need the biotin in the vitamin whereas another body may need the folic acid. No two bodies are the same. What works for one may not work for another.

Always remember that if you have any type of illness or are taking medications, before popping anything into your system, speak with your doctor. Remember to read your labels, if there is anything you are uncertain about, please do your research or ask a physician. Always follow the instructions on how to take the product. Do not pop vitamins like candy assuming that this will speed up the process, this can be harmful. Always use common sense when it comes to consuming (or doing) anything.

Disclaimer: I am not a health professional and I am not being compensated to write this post. No products were gifted to me, they were bought with my own funds. This post is at my own free will and of my own experience and opinions.

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