Have You Seen This?! Joyner Lucas: I’m Not Racist Music Video

I was shocked when I heard of this viral “I’m Not Racist” music video by an artist named Joyner Lucas. Joyner Lucas is a Manhattan artist that has created other videos on YouTube themed for speaking the truth. Joyner has made a breakthrough with this music video with close to 1 million views, 113,000 likes and 2,000 dislikes. It entails two adult males from two different races, backgrounds, perspectives, and the epitome of each race. This controversial video raised many reactions from both agreements to disagreements. The statements mentioned and the “N” word fueled these reactions.

So Glad This Exists

Personally, I loved this music video. This is one of the realest songs (and video) that I have heard since J Cole and Kendrick Lamar. The way that these two handle their arguments on a mature level without violence, interruption, and honesty about their thoughts of each other was unrealistic. As humans, we need to handle false perceptions of each other in this manner. Only in an ideal world. I was fed up at first watching this video hearing the “N” word being used that many times in the beginning alone. The first thought that came to mind was, “Okay, here goes another rap song where they abuse the N word after 2 times a line,” but hearing the context that it was used in intrigued me.

The stereotypes and levels of the lyrics hit close to home. Not only because of my skin but because I have experienced and witnessed many of these stereotypes and injustices. I’ve experienced losing my job and unable to get a callback from an employer. I’ve experienced being degraded and then having that individual say I’m not racist because they know someone who is black. I have also had experiences with individuals of my own race stating that they are not racist yet think and speak to their own race as if they were not the same as I.

For the Future

Of course this video does not present all of the issues that need to be addressed for both sides, let alone all races and all stereotypes that had divided this world. The common and need-to-know stereotypes that we face right now in today’s society need to be addressed in a civil manner, but this is a start to break down the barrier. As I tell everyone, we are all human. Humanity is one big race, races are divisional borders to categorize, control, and contain. We are as one. Cultural differences may divide us, but that’s what makes us unique and strong enough to accept those differences.

Please feel free to watch this video!

I hope you all enjoyed! Please feel free to comment and tell me how you feel. Nasty comments, arguments, foul language, or ignorance are not tolerated. Healthy discussions allowed. Thank you for taking the time to read and watch!


Disclaimer: This video was embedded from YouTube.

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