Favorite Top 3 Natural Bloggers

Blogging is the new way of communicating different spectrums of information. Instead of going to an actual site for exact information, blogs provide the same information from different perspectives of individuals. For example, I could be looking for exact information on beaches that are naturally clear on earth. While a website can give me exact listings, with locations and some scientific information on why it is clear, a blog can do the exact same thing with accounts of personal experiences, perspectives, and live photos or footage from individuals who have visited those locations. The connection to the real world is the unique qualifier of a blog.

I have 3 blogs that I follow faithfully, even though I may not comment on them (I need to catch up on that big time). All of these bloggers all have a natural aspect to them. Natural hair is a movement and a lifestyle change. It is very important to follow individuals of the same type of goals, hair, and other similarities to not be disappointed or falsely believing your hair’s reality. These ladies all carry those qualities of someone who is on the same hair wave length as I. There are few bloggers that focus on natural hair and coily hair specifically. Coily has just become a common term in today’s society. I have been seeing this term on many products lately. Coily Queens, Naptural85, and Naturally Curly are 3 gorgeous ladies, inside and out who has started me the ropes on beginning my natural hair journey.

Coily Queens

Coily Queen’s Vee Mack is a stunning small blogger with long coily hair and Christian methods to growing natural hair. She is one of the few individuals that I know of who has accomplished the proper coily haircare and length retention. Vee first taught me how my hair actually works. From the max hydration method to her new moon phase trimming of the hair, she has been such an influence on my natural hair journey. Vee has created many forms and questionnaires in which anyone can print and use to make their own haircare regime tailored to their specific type of hair personality. I absolutely love that she is willing to set up a Ms. Vee’s double your hair growth 30-day challenge and being a personal hair growth coach. I have not personally used these services, but she has documentation and testimonies of those that she helps. As a hair coach, she teaches individuals to love their hair and reach their goals. She also has a Christian method of growing coily hair. She has disappeared for a while, but lately I have been receiving notifications about new moon trimming dates and new information such as her recent one for a hair steamer. I will definitely be checking back up on her website soon. Can’t wait to see what is there!


Whitney white, the creator of Naptural85, has impacted my method of hair and health. Her YouTube channel has been well noticed. This amazing woman, wife, and natural hair community game changer has made appearance for Essence, raised money for charity, and has become a mother right before our eyes. Whitney’s all natural do-it-yourself (diy) recipes for hair and beauty was an absolute trap for me. I love anything that does not require extra ingredients and preservatives. When I can, I will make my own recipe to save money and to keep the natural/organic elemental benefits. Whitney will make anything from a body scrub, to food, to hair masks. I watch and read her recipes to see what she uses as basics and then add my own ingredients. Definitely visit her blog to see what type of new information she has in store. I know I will!

Naturally Curly

Naturally Curly always keeps me updated on the latest news as well as the latest hair info, shopping, lifestyle, and much more. I personally love the fact that the hair menu now focuses on separating natural hair by type. You can now stay up-to-date on latest hair articles from bloggers with a similar hair type. Granted we have since found that one head can contain multiple hair types. So keeping up on the latest has never been easier.

All of these bloggers are enjoyable and give hope to know that we can achieve any hair goal is set. Feel free to share who your favorite hair blogger is and why. I am excited to check them out.

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