The Most Influential Quote for My Life!

Everyone has a quote that they cherish and live by. A quote that explains or drives their life. The quote that basically describes my life involves doors forever closing and change ever revolving. Many of you already know what I am talking about or have experienced these type of life situations. From divorce to death, from job loses to material losses. A courageous and inspiring deaf-blind woman who defined many barriers of communication and learning released a revelation quote.

“When one door of happiness closes another one opens: but often we look so long at the closed door that we do not see the one which has been opened for us.”

-Helen Keller

Many of you probably know a shortened version and use it quite often. Knowing how to deal with these situations with a positive perspective will reveal more in life than what you expect to see. Changing your mentality when cases like this arise will change everything and all outcomes of the situation.

Whether it is life or love we all see doors of happiness in our life close. Oftentimes we focus on the negative of the situation, mainly the why or the what. Why did this happened to me? What did I do to deserve this? Why does this always happen to me? Sound familiar?

Positivity was a must with my many situations of life loses of jobs, family members (elders), and being in relationships, in order to look forward to a better life. Every time these doors closed, I tended to focus on the negative bringing about more negativity as well as depression. Always had my back to the door that opened. Slowly coming to my senses of moving forward with my life, I begun to see that there were other things that were greater and in abundance of happiness on the other side of the opened door.

What happened that made me love this quote?

Thanks for asking! Recently, I my job let me go. Years were put into this job including my externship and not being offered a position because that location closed. I went all around the block trying to get in, which probably was a warning sign. Once I got a position (more than an hour drive one (1) way) I put in years with this company. They kicked me to the curb in my time of need with my health situation. I cried for months, went into a deep depression, lost my house, went into massive debt, backed up on bills, and car payments, even lied to my family about not working because I was so ashamed that everything I worked for and what I thought was pure happiness was taken away in a blink of an eye.

I had begun writing in a journal trying to figure out what my takeaway from this situation was. Eventually, I begun to get to know my higher and better self, changing perspective, self-realization, taking back my mind and my life, understanding the workforce (knowing that I am replaceable, no matter how hard I tried or how much blood, sweat and tears I put in), gaining more faith, and resisted fighting the life path that was already chosen for me. I begun to realize that there is achievable pure happiness that is not of this material world. Once all of this begun to occur, my life begun unfolding with things that I didn’t imagine were possible when I was living on the other side of that closed door. Walking through that newly open door with the right mindset and perspective made a world of a difference.

How to deal

There are three (3) important steps to handling a situation that involves one door closing and another one opening.

  1. Figure out why it happened– This is the tough part since no on wants to relive the situation at hand.
  2. Takeaway from the situation– This is the most important step to take in order for you to understand why that door closed and the other has opened. What were you supposed to learn from the situation? Is it something to improve for the next time or is this a means to move on to something better?
  3. Change your perspective on happiness– This step allows for you to take what you thought was happiness and see another level of happiness.

Thank you for reading this post and exploring this blog. If you have ways or any important steps on how you deal with situations pertaining to this quote, please feel free to let me know in the comments.

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