I AM … My Hair!

An abundance of people online state that they are not their hair. I beg to disagree to these statements and hope to change their paradigm. I am indeed, my hair. Yes, judge me because of it. However, DO NOT judge me by how it looks, but by what it symbolizes. We did not choose our hair, it chose us and for good reason. Everything on this physical body is there for a reason to define us.WE are every bit of our hair.

With all of the stipulations in business and in school, I want prove that our hair is intimidating. Not because of how it looks, but by what it symbolizes. If the workplace or school is unappreciative or discriminating for how your hair looks and not your brain or your skills, then rethink the situation.

I felt the need to write this poem to prove that, like myself, I and my hair are unique and one in the same.


I am…

Controversial and untamed. I am free and versatile. Relaxed, yet not stressed; I am not to be suppressed. Strong, resilient, and striving.

I am gorgeous and thick and draw attention wherever I go.

Only what I appreciate, respect and luxuriate can humble me. Expressing the beauty within and am a symbol of love.

Every curve of my body is not one in the same. Shrinkage may occur, but it is a beautiful reflection of my old, healthy soul. Coarse is the rough life that I have endured, grown in a discriminatory world of my involuntary demographics.

I have up-and-downward spirals of life and with the things that inhabit this journey. Unruly and uncontrollable with a personality, good and bad, and a mind of my own. I am ethnic and define my culture. Representative of my descendants of and not of this world.

I am an extension of the body, sensors, a guide, a connection to the world.

I am different, grown, and born this way. Made to be exquisite.

I am the crown.

I am … my hair.


Thank you for taking the time to read this poem and exploring this blog. Please feel free to leave a comment if you feel you are your hair or what your hair means or represents for you.

**This poem is originally written by Candace the author of Natural Coily Reflection. If used, give credit. This poem and all content of this blog is copyrighted and protected.**

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