Grow healthy hair and live a healthy life that you can be proud of.

Lifestyle changes come in many forms. For many it starts with the hair. The hair is the first thing that we notice about an individual. And they should! The hair is a reflection of oneself. It can show someone’s health, mindset, personality, identity, life-changes, and your spiritual being. Awesome right? If your hair can show so much of yourself to the people around you, then why not take the time to nuture it. I am not a cosmetologist, but am offering my words of wisdom. What is said on my blog is everything that has helped me and that has been tried and true on myself. Please take the information that you read on my blog with caution. Results may vary. What may work for me may not work for you and vice versa. This blog will help your with a better lifestyle in hair, beauty, and maybe in some other categories such as fashion.

I’m Candace, creator and author of Natural Coily Reflection. I was born and raised in a small country town in South Jersey called Woodstown. I mean country like farms and plenty of fields and open space, rodeos, and a flea market. Yes, I was and still am a total tomboy. I did everything from climbing trees to eating honeysuckle straight from the vines. I love to dibble and dabble in beauty products and love experimenting with hair products. I try to bring my own flavor of tomboyish-ness and experience to a beauty lifestyle. I haven’t traveled for leisure but would love to. I have only been to New York, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Virginia, North Carolina, and Maryland.

The idea of doing a blog started when I began to change my lifestyle. I have always received questions about my skin, hair, and personal issues. Most of the questions that I received circulated mainly around my hair. When I decided to start taking care of it on my own due to my many mishaps with relaxers and hair salons, my hair flourished. I not only decided to take the initiative to go back to my roots, but to start taking care of my body from the inside out due to my health issues. This lifestyle change has made a huge impact on my well-being. It is not an easy transition, but the rewards are in abundance.

For the purpose of a lifestyle change in hair, I have tried everything but wigs. This includes perms (relaxers), sew-ins and crochet weaves (full closure and leave-outs), coloring (that never took), braids, colored weaves (midnight blue tips), weaves that changed from wet to straight, fake ponytails, twist-outs, braid outs, blow-outs, flat iron, and wash-n-gos. Whew! That was a mouthful. Doing these hairstyles were sometimes purely experimental and sometimes to fit in with my surroundings. Once I stopped trying to fit in and became myself, is when I began getting questioned about what I do to get it my hair the way it is. Honestly, I went through a lot of trying to spare what I had growing from my scalp. Eventually, it became too stressful and decided to cut it, in 2015, and start a new, just like my life. Plenty of trial and errors have occurred but for the past 3 years, it has grown exceptionally. Love your hair and it will love you back.

For the purpose of a change in life, I have had many years of torrential downfalls and have realized that I need to take care of my body and my mind for these are the things that are key to success in your life. With my deactivating muscles, fainting spells, migraines, and other health issues, that are unexplained or without a cause, health has become a primary concern and a need for change. Having personal issues and stresses was extremely detrimental to my health. My motto to change has become love your body and it will love you back.


Fun Facts!

  • Aquarian in the House!– Yes! I am an Aquarius. I am not a popularly talked about sign, but I am a paradox within myself.
  • Gamer– I play video games! It’s a great way to chill and bond!
  • Infamous Snack Drawer– I always keep a snack drawer in my desk full of snacks that are healthy and not so healthy (my guilty pleasures).
  • Dream Job– My dream job was to be a Nephrologist. I lost many individuals in my life to kidney issues and I feel like since I couldn’t help them, I could help future individuals and families dealing with kidney disease. It’s a multi-system issue that needs to be addressed. I once has legitimate aspirations. 
  • Headphones– I take the ‘R’ and ‘L’ on my headphones pretty seriously. Like too serious.

I’m hoping that my words and wisdom of my own trials and tribulations can help you achieve your hair and life goals. I love hearing from you all. Feel free to comment on a post, send a suggestion inquiry, or hit me up social media. Appreciate you for visiting my page and taking to time to explore it. Much love!