Meaning Behind Blog Name: Natural Coily Reflection

It may seem easy to come up with a blog name to represent specifically what your blog is about. Such categories of blogs are easy like cooking, or fashion or lifestyle where it can be called “So-and-so’s Kitchen” or “So-and-so’s Closet” or even “So-and-so’s Life (or World).” These are good title’s; however, for a blog that focuses on multi-functional niches, it becomes a little more difficult. Finding the beauty in life through reflection and oneself becomes more than just a life or closet. It becomes a journey of multifaceted aspects. As I was coming up with a blog title that encompasses multi-niches, it became clear that I needed a title with more meaning, a backstory of life, a title that encompasses the everyday multi-talented individual, the many aspects of a person. That’s when Natural Coily Reflection was formed. Here’s why these three words have ushered in a notable connotation to this blog. 


Everything in our life begins and blossoms from nature. This includes everything from conception to water. I know that was weird how I put it, but water is life. Like water, our lives are given, bodies preserved and functioning, fluid, transitioning, feeding into other bodies, cleansing, rejuvenated, and renewed daily. Naturally our lives are linked in ways that many may or may not want to believe. The truth is we all either consume or cross paths with nature within our lives. The funny thing about nature is that our bodies unconsciously communicate with it, ensuring that we are on the correct path of who we need to become or warn us of something to come. The more we pay attention to our communication with nature, the better our bodies and mind will communicate with each other, truly guiding us.


Natural Coily Reflection shows who you are as an individual and we are as a people. I am a natural coily headed individual. As I grew up in an environment and society where straight hair, relaxers, weaves, braids, and anything under the sun was in and curly, coily, and kinky hair was not. It was a way of my life, something that I’ve seen and emulated. Over time as I got to know myself, and seen the damages to myself within, I felt the need to break away and find other ways to live my life. I began to go back to natural and wear my naturally grown hair. The beauty began to show through my hair, so I began working on the inside and chose to live naturally. I began eating organically and healthier, using Do-It-Yourself recipes for pretty much anything from toothpaste to curl refreshing sprays. I still slip up when it comes to sugar and I am okay with that. Natural Coily Reflection has come to me under the circumstances of the reflection of my life in multiple aspects. The way that we see ourselves, the twists and turns (like that of a coil) of life, and struggles of knowing and blossoming into whom you were meant to be all begin with nature and reflection. Once we understand those coils of life, then we as a people can begin to reflect and change.


The method in which my name was revealed to me came about from a lot of turn of events in my life. This may sound cheesy but every word in my name has a significant meaning. Everyone has a meaning behind what they do, who they are, how they act and react. Every meaning has an experience whether intentional or not. Being one who has had trouble fitting in, being bullied, teased, picked on, and of poverty was a struggle. My intelligence, faith, personality, family, and reflection have kept me a float in finding who I am, what I want, and who I am meant to be. Taking this reflection to get to my true self with happiness, I needed to dig for the beauty within. This may be one of the hardest things that I had to do. Self-evaluation is not one that everyone wants to go through because it causes us to see things about ourselves that we do not want to see or accept. Sometimes these are the things that we need to see to work on ourselves to be a genuinely authentic individual with a better perspective on not only your life specifically, but life itself.

A lake and a waterfall, surrounded by nature, in my hometown as a symbol of reflection and life.

To see the change that this reflection has brought upon me, I felt the need to share with others. To view yourself with natural beauty, with a reflection of your life will reveal to you lessons that you need to navigate life. The necessities (i.e., lessons, recipes, resources) that life brings reveals more than the eye can see. To have a blog name that encompasses all of those qualities was essential. That’s how and why Natural Coily Reflection was formed.

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