Mulan Fashion Wear

In order to give you an understanding of the significance of this Mulan fashion wear. You must first understand who Mulan is and what she signifies. Mulan is a young woman who has had trouble fitting into the paradigm that society has set for her. She experiences inner turmoil with being who society wants her to be versus who nature has created her to blossom into. Mulan strives to always do what is right, even if it meant putting her own life in danger to preserve the life of someone else. Mulan, like many of us, is eager to let out whom we are were created to be without the fear of being judged or placed in dangerous situations (potentially resulting in death). Mulan, like many, has experienced trials and tribulations that showed us our strength in the most difficult of times. Strength that we didn’t know existed until we were forced to tap into it. Like Mulan, we have guidance in the form of ancestors, nature, and the divine. In Mulan’s case it was Mushu the (pint-sized) dragon. Mushu was a guide (an ancestor) in the form of an animal of nature. Though Mushu at times seemed wrong in the decisions that were made, they were all for good intentions, that were exactly what Mulan needed to strive for the life meant for her.

Mulan was a Cinderella (older generation), Princess Merida (Brave) or to the even younger generation, Moana. Like the other princesses, she expresses the importance of family and the strength of love. Mulan is a role model to steer us in the direction of becoming ourselves. Mulan was an unconventional princess that shaped Disney’s idea of a princess as well as our view of what a woman should stand for regardless of boundaries. Mulan, in my eyes, was more than a princess. She possessed queen qualities and tendencies.

Mulan has molded me in many ways. Mulan taught me, at a time where I was to young to understand that significance, to be authentic. It taught me that sometimes you may have to sacrifice your ego and to listen to your guides. Opportunities that you would never expect to accept will present themselves in ways that are unconventional. Tests will be thrown your way to prepare you for that person that you were meant to blossom into. No test is waisted. You may not know why you are being tested at that time, but it will mean something in your future. Man, have I seen a lot of reasons for my tests being revealed to me! Mulan has molded us to believe in ourselves, move in silence, give it our all, protect ourselves, and reveal ourselves in times that are necessary.

This Mulan fashion wear is more than just clothing items, it speaks volumes! Let’s get into this Mulan fashion wear. I came across this attire online at Boohoo. I was so ecstatic when I saw these. This was before the movie even was mentioned! I immediately had to purchase them! 

Mulan Fashion Wear

This Disney Mulan Satin PJ Pants Set is made of a satin matrix. They are comfortable, roomy, and breathable. I got this PJ set for $19.84 on sale. I believe since the movie, the price has went up to $27.50 and that’s for the 50% sale. Definitely snag this Disney Mulan Satin PJ Pants Set while its on sale. Head up! It comes in a short set as well for the same price!

Mulan Sweater Dress

TheDisney Mulan Oversized Graphic sweater dress is comfy for the fall. The polyester material definitely keeps you warm and pairs perfect with some stylish high boots. This dress features a Mulan logo on the front, the words that describe her slogan “Loyal, Brave, True” on the arm written in Chinese, and Mushu’s huge face on covering the entirety of the back that states “Not Your Everyday Dragon,” which he was. I bought this at a price point of $16.00. It is $20.00 on sale for the 50% off sale.

Mushu Sweater Dress

This polyesterDisney Mulan Foil Print Sweater Dress is stylish and convenient. It contains a foil print image of Mushu on the front along with writing that reads “Strength and Discipline.” I bought this for a price point of $18.03. It is $25.00 on sale for the 50% off sale.

If you want to make a statement for the fall, at the convenient time of the live-action movie release, definitely head over to Boohoo and get yourself a dress. Mulan fashion wear is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to making a statement. What have you learned from Mulan? What does Mulan mean to you? Would you wear this Mulan fashion?

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