Spascriptions Peel-Off Mask!

Facial masks. One of the most enjoyable times of a skincare routine. The wash-off and sheet masks are used based on benefits that may be needed by the skin as well as evoking a relaxed and meditative state of mind. A peel-off mask simulates the same feelings as the other two masks, but may come with a not so enjoyable twist. Yeah, you know that part where you actually peel the mask off of your face. There are so many things that can happen with peel-off masks such as not drying all the way, pulling off hair, or overdried onto the skin. Peel-off masks become tricky situations needing tricky methods. Tune into my video of the Spascriptions Charcoal Peel-Off Mask to help you understand the benefits of this Spascriptions mask, how to use a peel off mask, and what to do when you may get into a sticky situation with a peel-off mask.

The Peel-Off Mask Take-Away

Here are the basics of the video

  • Do NOT apply to hair on face (eyebrows, mustache, beard).
  • Apply on clean, dry face.
  • Apply with a silicone tip Applicator! This makes the process less messy.
  • If it is too hard or painful to peel off, wash off with warm water.

Hope you enjoyed this video and it provided great take-aways with peel-off masks. If you have tried this mask or any peel-off mask, please comment down below. If you have any tips and tricks to share, drop them down below in the comments. Let’s chat about the experiences!

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