Why Just Strong is Challenging the Paradigm!

Belonging to a community that understands who you are, where you’ve been, and is always encouraging is a feeling of bliss. As women, we tend to not elevate, raise, and uplift each other up as much as we should. This world always seems like there is constant competition and shaming. Recently, certain conversations have begun sparking a movement of change; however, these conversations are far from over and some haven’t even begun. Just Strong is a women-oriented community that is well needed in today’s society, providing a deeper sense of understanding and empowerment.

Who is Just Strong?

Just Strong is not just a fitness clothing line, it is a lifestyle brand that stands with every woman no matter their walk of life. Just Strong runs by a motto that is well used by everyone at some point, “never give up.” This is true for a lot of aspects of life, even those that we don’t realize. Just Strong is a platform based off of strength, whether it’s physical, emotional, or mental.

Just Strong believes in standing for everyone whether you are an, “experienced lifter, new starter, or have simply overcome great adversaries in your life.” Not everyone is a fitness guru or instructor and that’s okay. We all, at some point, have gone through situations in life that were not to our liking and unexpected. Yeah, you know, that kind of unexpected of walking down a hallway in high school having a full blown conversation not noticing that someone just flung open their locker. That exact moment where you are rubbing your face, thinking what just happened, in between the emotions of embarrassment, confusion and anger. Okay, so we may not all have run into that locker or closed glass door, but we have all at some point experienced those thoughts and emotions.

“No matter your walk of life, your background, your sport (if you even do a sport)- we all have our own version of strength.” – Just Strong

What So The Items Consist Of?

Just Strong’s website and brand consists of the following fitness items…

  • Tops (T-shirts, crop tops, tanks, phrase tanks)
  • Hoodies and Sweatshirts
  • Bottoms (active leggings, shorts)
  • Supplements (Pre-Workouts, Amino Acids)
  • Accessories (Bands, Bottles, Shakers, Wrist bands, Gym bags/sacs, Backpacks, Beanies, Hats)

Just Strong has clothing items in the size of women, plus, and kids. The size chart available is easy to use and accurate for sizes of different countries. This company does charge shipping and handling, which is worth it since Just Strong does ship worldwide.

I plan on purchasing more items, but here are a few that I already have and absolutely love!

My Story For Joining

Women are downplayed and never uplifted as their value and strength validates. For example…

  • …obtaining credit (loans, houses, cars) in the economy
  •  …these famous sayings, “Oh, you are strong for a girl”
  • …”you fight (hit, play, run, whatever motion) like a girl”
  • …”make sure he’s ‘this’ and ‘that’,” “don’t lose him,” “do everything to keep him,” “make sure this is___ (insert anything),”
  • …”you should”… dress like this, dress like that, say this, say that

Why must women be the only individuals where a vast amount of constraints have been placed on them in society, in their developmental stages, and to uphold intimate relationships as if it is a woman and a BOY relationship, when it is a woman and a MAN relationship. Do you see what I am getting at? That’s too much conversation for this post, but what I will say is that as women the full blame is not ALL on the opposite gender, it is on ourselves as well for de-valuing ourselves and each other, just to say we have someone or to break the mindset of someone out of jealousy, hatred (for no definitive reason), and passing down that negative mindset and advice for the future generations.

As a black woman, one hindrance in particular has hit home. The part where the stresses of others are put on us to be set to certain standards and objectified and then when trying to talk about it, being told to be strong and deal with it on our own. When being strong and uplifting is all we do for others and ourselves, and finally need someone to empathize, perceive, and recognize, no one wants to acknowledge that conversation when it arises. This is beyond my mental comprehension. Why must we, as women, uphold everything to be put down not just by the opposite gender and race, but our same gender and race as well? 

The majority of those aforementioned comments and “advice” including this particular black woman hindrance is the reason why I became a Just Strong Ambassador.

What Does Just Strong Mean for You?

Even though fitness is a major part of the Just Strong community, sparking these epiphanies and conversations is what drives the Just Strong community as well. Take the time to understand you and your relationship with other women, and I mean genuinely. These women can be your friend, mother, sister, aunt, cousin, in-laws, co-worker, neighbor, or random women you cross paths with in public. This may be harder for some, due to not wanting to answer these daunting questions and see that side of yourself. Once you have an epiphany of your true relationship with women, then can the conversation begin and advance.

If you plan to purchase any items from Just Strong, you can save 10% on your complete purchase by using CANBRAX10 as the discount code. Let’s initiate a new frame of mind and spark conversations, from fitness to all walks of life. Are you a fitness woman with a story of what you have overcome? Are you woman who has shown resilience and conquered many obstacles in your life? Share this post, comment down below, let’s spark some conversations! 

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