Straight Hair Routine Winter ’19

Straight hair

Who doesn’t love the feeling of having the wind lightly grazing your scalp causing a refreshing and free mindset along with the length and ends of your lightweight hair flawlessly in tune with the rhythm of nature? I know I love it!

Straightening hair is not always an easy task. Especially with type 4, tightly coiled hair. There’s always a risk of heat damage, burnt ends, major end cuts (not trims), stiffness, un-lasting moisture, and dullness. There are precautionary measures to take before diving into this process. 

The fact is, straightening your hair does not need to be a fear. My hair and I have a great relationship with heat. We vibe and understand each other. I have used heat intermittently throughout my hair journey. I hope that this video can help you get over your fears that surround straight hair. Watch this video to see some tips and tricks to straightening your hair.

The Take-Aways of a Straight Hair Routine

  • Always do a mask to mend the bonds within the hair and to prep your strands for the heat.
  • Separate hair into sections for easier blow drying and manageability.
  • ALWAYS use a heat protectant before blow drying AND before straightening. Yes, twice!
  • Always do a thorough blow dry, focusing on roots (most virgin and roughest part of your hair). This is the key to a flawless straightening.
  • Apply your products in order of light to heavy (sprays to creams), absorbent to non-absorbent (water based first), and small amount to large amount (dime sized to more, if necessary).
  • Allow products to take form to the hair. This means allowing your hair to dry about 80-90% while in twists to keep the hair from becoming detangled.
  • Test heat on back bottom patch of hair first, starting on the lowest heat. Increase as needed.

Since this video I have incorporated more products into my hair, because snow and ice season is about to hit in my town. Like my skin, my hair needs extra moisture and to be protected from the harsh conditions about to arrive. These changes include adding a cream leave-in and a blow dry cream that doubles as a leave-in and a heat protectant. So that makes 4 leave-ins and 2 heat protectants. Products used in winter routine are as follows:

Maybe an updated winter straight hair video will be uploaded soon. If you want that to happen, please let me know in the comments.

Don’t let fears surrounded by heat and straightening natural hair stop you. Gain that trust and relationship with your hair and heat by simply protecting and caring for your strands. Do you have a fear of using heat or questions about it? Do you have a special way that you protect your strands while using heat? If so comment down below. Let’s talk!

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