How to Maintain a Blowout | Night Time Routine

Blown out hair is a beautiful thing. The in-between of curly and straightening. You want the natural textured full look without the extra heat and risks of having straight hair. Understandable. This is my go to for the Fall season between Summer and Winter. When I don’t want to give up my curly textured feel and don’t want to go completely bone straight just yet.

Often times this style is hard to maintain due to the textured roots and constant new growth. Reversion is inevitable as well as the depletion of moisture within 2 days. So what is there to do to keep this moisture in your hair and to prevent reversion making the style last longer. Well, it’s simpler than you could imagine.

All the trial and errors of spraying water in my hair and using products that I shouldn’t have been using have been way out of the realm of maintaining a blow out. No more compromising and sacrificing moisture for style and vice versa. The technique that you are about to view is key to having BOTH moisture and style!

The Take-Away

  • Separate hair into sections.
  • Use a dime sized amount of oil and leave-in (or buttercream or moisturizer). You do NOT want the hair to revert by using too much.
  • Use a water-based moisturizer. Water is able to penetrate the strands. That is TRUE moisture.
  • Focus on the oldest part of your hair first. The ENDS!
  • Braid, twist, or bun hair to prevent reversion.
  • Wrap hair at night with a bonnet or a satin scarf. You can also use a satin pillowcase. This is for protection of the strands from snagging as well as preventing your cotton pillowcase from absorbing the moisture from your hair that you just put in. You don’t want that to happen, do you?

Hope these tips were helpful in helping you preserve your blown out hair style for longer than you have expected. If you have any tips for helping preserve your blown out hair and providing it moisture without reversion, please share your tips below. Let’s talk!

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