Mizani 25 Miracle Milk vs Milk Day 12-in-1 Benefits Leave in Conditioners | High End vs Low End

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Ever bought a high end product and thought, “I wish there was a product that offers similar or better benefits without paying an arm and a leg for it.” There are products that are out there called dupes (duplicates) that offer similar benefits to high end brands and sometimes look like them (color, packaging, font, etc.). I have actually bought dupes and can honestly say that they have be highly satisfying.

For me hair products are a big part of my daily routine that I wish there were dupes to. Grant it, leave-in conditioners are essential to natural hair, but that $20 and up price point makes me die a little every time I need to put out for it. Even though I have learned how to make my own leave-in conditioners, I still desire to try ones from the market that are already in my staple, all the while supporting little businesses, especially black-owned businesses.

In the video that you are about to view, you will see the similarities and differences (price, benefits, who they are, and how they work) between high and low end leave-in conditioners.

The Take-Aways of High vs Low End Products

  • Some high end products are not advertised properly leading to many misconceptions and mediocre results.
  • Always look at the ingredients. If you cannot pronounce a word or do not know the ingredients purpose. Do NOT purchase. Research first!
  • Take the time to look for products that offer similar benefits. Who knows, you may be hooked on a cheaper substitute with possibly better ingredients and benefits. This has happened many times to me. 

If there are any high vs low end hair dupes that you have tried and tested and would love for the world to know that such products exist, please comment below. I am interested in seeing what is out there! Let’s talk!

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