Lifestyle changes come in many forms. Sometimes these forms are presented as a realization or a downfall in life. When changes come along, it can sometimes be hard to adjust. Especially in an unfamiliar situation. I understand this struggle all too well. The core of Natural Coily Reflection is to assist in changing the paradigm of life through vulnerability and reflection.

Hey Ya’ll! I’m Candace, the creator of Natural Coily Reflection and the author of A Reflective Guide to Healthier, Stronger Hair. I was raised in a small country town. I’m talking country like plenty of fields, farms, open space, rodeos, and farmers markets. Yes, I still am a total tomboy. I did everything from climbing trees to eating honeysuckle straight from the vines.

After years of confusion, manipulation, dead end jobs, bad relationships (with myself and others), and non-stop torrential downfalls (physically, mentally, and lifestyle-wise), life has forced me to realize the keys of existence and the beauty of change and adaptability through vulnerability and reflection. I:

…Used the same principles from reflection to finding meaning.

…Soul worked to identify the next steps in life (daily and long-term).

…Reflected from the situations of my hair to rediscover what’s within and what I stood for (unconventional, but abundant).

…Gained appreciation of life and beauty.

…Realized I knew I could help others do the same.

I am NOT a psychologist or a cosmetologist, or some other fancy profession. I am offering my words of wisdom through the trials and tribulations of life. What is said on this site is everything that has helped me and has been tried and true on myself. Please take the information that you read on this blog with caution. Results may vary. What may work for me may not work for you and vice versa. 

I hope this blog will help you pursue a lifestyle that is worth more than a thousand words.

Interesting Fun Facts

Aquarian in the House!– Yes! I am an Aquarius. I am not a popularly talked about sign, but I am a paradox within myself.

Gamer– I play video games! It’s a great way to bond and unwind.

Dream Job– My dream job was to be a Nephrologist. I lost many individuals in my life to kidney issues. I felt like as if I couldn’t help them, I could help future individuals and families dealing with kidney disease. It’s a multi-system issue that needs to be addressed. I once had legitimate aspirations.

Headphones– I take the ‘R’ and ‘L’ on my headphones pretty seriously. Like too serious!

Snack Drawer– The notorious snack drawer in my bedroom. Even in college, I had a snack drawer in my dorm room. It is always stocked with oatmeal pies, gummy snacks (Black Forest and Scooby Doo), sunflower seeds, peanuts, breakfast bars, and chips. During the Fall, I become addicted to sugar by adding in the old-fashioned Brachs Candy Corn.

Feel free to comment on a post, send a suggestion inquiry, or keep up with me up on social media. Appreciate you for visiting and taking time to explore the site. Much love!


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