"I am, in every sense, my crown!"

Candace B.

Mizani 25 Miracle Milk vs Milk Day 12-in-1 Benefits Leave in Conditioners | High End vs Low End

Ever bought a high end product and thought, "I wish there was a product that offers similar or better benefits without paying an arm and a leg for it." There are products that are out there called dupes (duplicates) that offer similar benefits to high end brands and sometimes look like them (color, packaging, font, ...
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Straight Hair Routine Winter ’19

Who doesn't love the feeling of having the wind lightly grazing your scalp causing a refreshing and free mindset along with the length and ends of your lightweight hair flawlessly in tune with the rhythm of nature? I know I love it! Straightening hair is not always an easy task. Especially with type 4, tightly ...
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How to Maintain a Blowout | Night Time Routine

Blown out hair is a beautiful thing. The in-between of curly and straightening. You want the natural textured full look without the extra heat and risks of having straight hair. Understandable. This is my go to for the Fall season between Summer and Winter. When I don't want to give up my curly textured feel ...
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3 Secrets For Perfect Wash-N-Go

Whoever said wash-n-go’s do not work on deep 4-type hair (kinky, nappy, coarse) does not know type 4 hair? I am proof, that wash-n-gos do work. I have multi-type 4 hair. I never comb or brush my coily hair due to its thickness and texture. I have been able to have my coils defined and ...
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